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Diana Lucaci is the Founder & CEO of True Impact Marketing, Canada's premier Neuromarketing Strategy and Research firm. The organization provides strategy to improve Marketing Communications campaigns, backed by market research using sophisticated Neuroscience technologies. Diana serves as the Canadian Chair for the Neuromarketing Science & Business Association (NMSBA), and represents the country on the global scale. Educated in Neuroscience and Psychology at the University of Toronto, Diana brings a decade of experience in various Marketing Communication roles of increasing responsibility. Diana pursued Marketing Strategy certifications from the Canadian Marketing Association and Pragmatic Marketing.

Determining the Right Message with Neuromarketing


"The intelligent application of technology to extend human capability and understanding is hugely exciting and an intellectual orientation open to everyone." - Girl Geeks Toronto In our mission to educate consumer and business audience, we provided an introduction to Neuromarketing on February 11 in Toronto. The event was hosted by Girl Geeks Toronto, a network [...]

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Neuromarketing Theory and Practice Magazine


The Neuromarketing Science and Business Association published the 4th edition of 'Neuromarketing Theory and Practice', the only Neuromarketing publication in the world. Our friends at Neurorelay did an excellent job (as always) summarizing the contents, and we're offering a small excerpt below. To receive your copy of the magazine, simply become a member of the [...]

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An Introduction to the Electroencephalogram (EEG)


Electroencephalogram (EEG) is a brain-imaging method that records the brain’s electrical activity at the surface of the scalp. EEG usually comes in the form of a cap or headset that have several sensors which are designed to fix to the surface of the head. Neurons communicate by passing electrical signals along connecting fibers, and this [...]

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Neuromarketing 101 Event: Get the Full Story on Your Customer


Register for Neuromarketing 101: Get the Full Story on Your Customer. The future of marketing relies on the quality of the Market Research tools available. Traditional methods like surveys and focus groups tell only a part of the story. However, how do you understand consumer preferences that they cannot consciously express? This introductory session is [...]

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Canada’s Neuromarketing Firm, Featured on CBC The National


As a four part series called 'Inside Your Brain' on CBC’s The National, World at Six, and CBC.ca, True Impact Marketing was invited to share its use of brainwave technology to study how the consumer’s brain works during a shoe-shopping experience. Denam Drew is wearing an electroencephalogram (EEG) cap that contains electrodes which measure the [...]

Canada’s Neuromarketing Firm, Featured on CBC The National2018-08-15T15:11:04-04:00