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Non-conscious measurement is a standard research practice and a complement to traditional, verbal research methods. This is because customer decisions are primarily driven by automatic, fast reactions which cannot be verbally expressed.

Understanding neural and biometric data helps marketers create better communications and increase conversion rates. Using EEG, fMRI, eye tracking and heart rate variability, we measure Motivation, Comprehension or Cognitive Workload, Memory Encoding, Familiarity and Overall Engagement. These metrics form a dashboard to answer multiple business questions.

  • What is most memorable and motivating?

  • What captivates attention and why?

  • How do you improve the customer experience and drive ROI?

Leading Technology

For accurate data, we use academic grade neural and bio measurement technology.

Statistical Analysis

High Quality Data for Meaningful Results

For meaningful insights, we test for statistical significance.

Using proven data processing and analysis methods, our Analysis team pin points the most relevant information for easy decision making.

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