In the next few days, I’ll be attending Market Research in the Mobile World (MRMW) for the first time, in Minneapolis. On July 17th, I’ll be speaking about the necessary standards and guidelines needed in the new era of big data, and on July 18th about a research study where we measured user reaction to apps, using brain-imaging technology. You can check out the full MRMW agenda, to review all the other interesting presenters.

As the more and more data becomes collected and easily available, Neuromarketers have to begin thinking about the role that neuroscience plays in the bigger context. Who owns brain scans? What happens when a tumor or another problem is detected? Should these scans become part of the participants medical history, either in Canada or in the USA? As with any new field, there are more questions than answers.

Some of these questions are beginning to be answered with the Neuromarketing Science and Business Association (NMSBA) Code of Ethics. However, many Neuromarketing companies are self-governed and draw additional limits on what should be researched.

For example, in addition to respecting the NMSBA Code of Ethics, True Impact does not perform research using applied neuroscience on minors under the age of 14, even with consent from a parent or guardian. We will refuse to perform research for causes which do not promote positive human values, like tobacco or gambling. In addition, we dedicate a portion of our yearly earnings to performing research for non-profit organizations.

Why does that matter? While I believe in the ingenuity of future generations, we each have the responsibility to act and make a difference today. In the case of a charity trying to stand out from the crowd, a simple and persuasive message can go a long way towards benefiting the cause. Which one will perform better?

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After applying neuroscience, spending $500,000 or more on the production of a commercial would not be considered a gamble or worse.

If you’re in the Toronto area on August 12, 2013, I invite you to attend my TED talk. I’ll be exploring the need for a new mindset within market research, marketing and advertising. A mindset that is focused on human values, through emotional engagement.

By: Diana Lucaci, Founder & CEO of True Impact Marketing
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