The Neuromarketing Science and Business Association published the 4th edition of ‘Neuromarketing Theory and Practice’, the only Neuromarketing publication in the world. Our friends at Neurorelay did an excellent job (as always) summarizing the contents, and we’re offering a small excerpt below. To receive your copy of the magazine, simply become a member of the NMSBA.

“How can neuromarketing be developed in countries like Canada, Indonesia or Turkey, where the discipline is relatively unknown? Yener Girisken (managing partner at Think Neuro, Turkey’s chair of NMSBA), Diana Lucaci (founder of True Impact Marketing, Canada’s chair of NMSBA and country’s leading spokesperson on neuromarketing) and Sumardy Ma (owner of On-bee research, Indonesia’s chair of NMSBA) – three active promoters of neuroscience in the three countries – responded to this question, being interviewed by Mirjam Broekhoff.

It seems that in Turkey, the interest in neuromarketing is developing at a fast pace. Yener Girisken says that it is important to be straightforward and clear about what we can and cannot do. And as people cannot think what they feel and don’t do what they say, traditional research methods won’t provide insights. Understanding emotions, marketers may achieve success. This is why at Think Neuro they measure emotional arousal data directly from the brain, using EEG – and then decide which parts of a commercial are effective and which are not.

In Canada, Diana Lucaci was invited to several TV and radio shows to talk about neuromarketing and her work was also featured on the cover of Rider’s Digest. As she states, there is a real gap between what a marketer wants to know and the information he can get from traditional market research.

In Indonesia, Sumardy Ma states that media endorsement is a key activity in order to gain awareness, improve the credibility and make the potential clients think about their services.”

Awareness and recognition of neuromarketing are increasing, so here is how the map of NMSBA members looks for the moment:”


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