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Measure What Matters

Neuromarketing research, or consumer neuroscience, is a standard research practice and a complement to traditional market research methods.

Understanding where people look and how they feel, helps marketers create better communications and increase conversion rates.

We combine the most accurate brain imaging technologies with bio measures, to identify levels of customer motivation, ease of comprehension, memory encoding, and much more. These metrics are the start to creating better customer experiences.

  • What gets attention?

  • What triggers an emotion?

  • What inspires a desired behaviour?

High Quality Data for Meaningful Results

For meaningful insights, we test for statistical significance.

Using proven data processing and analysis methods, our Analysis team pin points the most relevant information for easy decision making.

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How Does It Work

What Can Be Researched


Evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of individual advertisements or concepts.

  • Digital Media

  • Video

  • Direct Mail

  • Concept Testing


CX optimization, within a real life environments and usage scenarios.

  • App Usability

  • Website Usability

  • Product Experience

  • Packaging at Shelf


Product Development
Product Experience


Flavour Test


Scripted or Non-Scripted
Eye Tracking and Engagement
Task Completion
User Error Diagnostics

Key Factors to Successful Research

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