Optimization of Pizza Pizza, Best Buy and Hyatt Mobile Commerce Apps

We outlined a single user journey for three transactional mobile applications to get a better understanding of how users are navigating mobile commerce. Using an EEG neuro-headset and eye-tracking glasses to measure the attentional and emotional activity of the user, we measured what they were looking at first, last, most and least.


Optimizing Haptic Experiences for Immersion Corp. with Neuroscience Insights

Well-executed haptic treatments elicit as much as 69% more memorability during video play, compared to regular non-haptic videos. When haptics are expertly implements, participants appeal and interest increased by as much as 19%.


Canada Post Neuroscience Research Into the Power of Direct Mail

Visual attention to direct mail is more focused than to digital media, due to lack of distractions. Direct mail is easier to understand due to 21% less cognitive workload, and results in higher brand recall. Direct mail is far more persuasive than digital media alone, with 20% more motivation response.

Many more success stories are in the works. Stay tuned!

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