Consumer Neuroscience

People say what they think, and act on how they feel.

Understanding and measuring customer emotion is the first step toward brand adoption and growth. True Impact uses consumer neuroscience research to reveal the non-conscious drivers behind purchasing decisions.

Living at the intersection of science and business, we offer strategies to drive more conversion and revenue from key marketing initiatives. With brain imaging and biometric technology, like eye tracking and heart rate variability, we fuel neuromarketing recommendations for short and long term brand growth.

Experience happens in the mind. Let us show you how to create emotionally engaging customer experiences.

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Together with surveys, consumer neuroscience research is proven to better predict in-market behavior. Choose to test in our neuroscience lab, a real-world setting or via Virtual or Augmented Reality.

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Patient News Dental Nonconscious Measures

“The non-conscious measurement tools from True Impact gave us new insight into our customer’s values, reservations and motivators. We achieved higher response rates almost immediately!”



Burger King Neuromarketing Client Spotlights

In its first two coupon drops of the year using a revamped and simplified approach, Burger King experienced a 26% growth in redemption and increased its gross profit on coupons by 40%.



MD Financial Neuromarketing Client Spotlight

MD Financial applied neuroscience and visual attention research insights to optimize digital campaigns. The results were up to 4X the average Open and Click-Through Rate on email blasts.



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