Neurosciences will have a substantial impact on Brand Marketing and consumer research over the next decade. 90% of what we know about the brain has been discovered in the last 10 years, and this new found knowledge is beginning to shift business paradigms.

Through our research, we add to the global understanding of the brain, and help businesses formulate better Marketing strategies. Our education sessions are relevant to Marketing, Advertising and Market Research professionals with an interest in the next generation of customer insight.

Training sessions cover the topics below, and can vary in length:

  1. Lunch and Learn
    • 1 hour. Quick overview of Neuromarketing principles and examples, applied to your industry.
  2. Neuromarketing 101
    • 1/2 day session. Includes brief discussion of current Marketing challenge, and suggestions of Neuromarketing solution.
  3. Neuromarketing Discovery Day
    • 1 full day. Included identifying the challenge with any communications materials, understanding of the customer, selecting the right neuroscience research methodology and building a timeline and budget.

The topics covered include:

  • Overview of Marketing processes, both traditional and digital.
  • Factors that influenced the need for new Marketing thinking.
  • Challenges of current Market Research techniques.
  • A physiological understanding of the brain.
  • Overview of the human decision making process.
  • The importance of emotions and measuring them accurately.
  • Neuromarketing research technologies, including advantages and disadvantages.
  • Industry applications, for B2B and B2C environments.
  • Actionable insights that lead to improved Marketing strategies.
  • The future of Neuromarketing and customer intelligence.

When on site, our requirements for each Neuromarketing training/education session are a projector, screen and a WiFi internet connection.