Project Description

Different mobile ad delivery methods impact user receptivity

Neurometrics on human attention and action beyond the ad introduction

  • In the curated, personal in-app mobile environment, brands must give the user control, ask permission to approach them, and add value to their experience.
  • Neural metrics and Heat map tracking proved brains tune out and users dissenage when served interstitial ads.
  • Neuroscience demonstrates embedded opt-in ads sustain attention, engage the user, and maintain high motivation levels throughout.

About Verve

Verve is the leading mobile video advertising platform serving Ad Age’s top brands and the world’s largest mobile publishers. Verve uniquely understands mobile journeys and their technology reflects this. They create high-impact video contexts that are finely targeted in real-time via value exchanges.  This results in the most engaging and receptive brand to user experiences. Founded as MediaBrix in 2011 and named an Adweek Top Mobile Innovator, Verve puts the human experience at the center of digital advertising.

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Mobile ads must put quality over quantity to avoid irritating the audience and driving them to seek out ad blockers. While publishers recognized this need for improvements to the typical ad experience, there were no clear solutions, and many concerns. As Brigette Majewski, Forrester B2C vice president put it, “Publishers will not just improve ads in 2017, they will also start to limit the total number delivered. This modulation won’t lower total spend, as greater buyer sensitivity to ad experience, more sophisticated targeting, and enhanced attribution let premium publishers justify higher pricing, at least to themselves”.

How can we best approach the less-is-more strategy in terms of timing and relevance?  Verve partnered with True Impact with aims to elucidate exactly this by testing different video ad delivery formats and measuring user reactions to find the most engaging in-app mobile experience.

Solution and Results

Our intensive Neuromarketing study revealed when advertisements were introduced inside the journey of the user, know as embedded, opt-in ads, they were more captivating than typically abrupt interstitial video promotions. This new delivery method created moments of sincerity and significance that enabled the user to continually engage with the promotion and the brand it presented.

When ads were embedded within native elements from the publisher and offered a value exchange, users exhibited an increased level of trust, interest, engagement and recall. On the other hand, it was highly noticeable with Heat Map tracking that a significant portion of time spent with video interstitial ads was limited to three of the four corners of the ad in pursuit of the X-close-button.

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