Project Description

Plantronics Office NeuroErgonomics Study

Elements from nature can enhance brain function and work productivity.

Neuroscience insights about the impact of biophilic soundscape systems.

  • Neural metrics show how an optimized office environment can increase comprehension and appeal of a task.
  • Along with an increase in Motivation, came improvements in writing style, including the use of rare and descriptive words.
  • Based on neuroscience research into human motivations and values, habitat soundscaping solution makes open office designs truly inspiring.

About Plantronics

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In a world filled with interruptions, people’s attention spans are forced to adapt and to shorten. According to Dr. Gloria Mark, this phenomenon happens every 3 minutes. In other terms the ability to focus and be productive is now threatened by a phone notification or external conversation.

A big challenge with open concept offices is on how to optimize productivity while also taking into account human wellbeing?

Solution and Results

A recent consumer neuroscience study performed in partnership with Plantronics used neural measures from the powerhouse of emotion, the brain. It was found that environments with Habitat Soundscaping abated distractions.

With an improved ability to focus, participants exhibited slightly greater emotional intensity, memory performance and better essay writing quality, including a more descriptive style and more rare words used. These results imply a potential improvement in overall creativity.

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More success stories are in the works. Stay tuned!